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Surface Design: Decals & Carbon Paper


Decal Paper and Printing

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In one of our summer classes last year, we had lots of fun with laser print decals! Georgies has the decal paper in stock, so we bought a laser printer to work with you on your personal images in the class. And we also took lots of pictures, which we posted on our Facebook page with technique notes!

These decals print only a black & white image, which will appear brown to sepia tone because it's the iron in the toner powder (which the laser fuses onto the paper) that all penetrates the glaze. You can fire them with cone 05 lowfire glazes or cone 6 mid-range glazes. They can also be applied on bisque, then tinted and glazed! There are tons of possibilities!

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*** You can use any Hewlett-Packard or Canon black-only laser printer to print decals. The toner powder for these printers contains enough iron to make an image that will survive kiln firing temperatures.


Print Your Own Laser Decals

TP • $29.99
Transfer Paper

  • Each pack contains 10 sheets.
  • Step by step easy to follow firing instructions are included in with each pack of transfer paper.
  • Fired-on images have been certified as lead and cadmium free, and are safe for use on dinnerware.


Don't Have a Laser Printer?

We can print them for you!

Email your images to us! It works best if you send us PDF pages ready to print, measuring 8-1/2 by 11 inches. You can also send us your images as a group of files. We'll size them for multiple copies of one image on a page, or incorporate a variety of images onto one sheet, as you specify. Remember, the more images of different sizes on one page, the more we need instructions or details on exactly what you have in mind! Email your images or PDF files to:

Printer-ready PDF
(8-1/2 x 11")

$8.15 per sheet -or-
12 of same sheet for $54
Send us your images (with specifications for how many
and what sizes you want)
$25.00 per hour
(minimum one hour)

Clay Carbon Paper

New from Mayco

This exciting, fun new decorating accessory from Mayco is specially treated paper for transferring designs or patterns to ceramic greenware and dried glaze or underglaze surfaces. Each package contains 12 sheets, and the sheets can be reused.

  • Place a sheet of clay carbon transfer paper under the design or pattern you want to use.

  • Trace or outline the design with a soft lead pencil or a ball stylus tool.

  • The design will be transferred onto the surface without grease or oil residues which could repel colors.

  • Any uncolored or remaining tracing lines will burn out during firing and disappear completely.

  • OPTIONAL: Try using your printer to print your pattern or design directly onto the transfer paper.

  • OPTIONAL: Transfer paper and laser decals make a great team! Print the same image, pattern or design on both. Apply the design using the transfer paper, use it as a guide for adding color accents, and then apply the decal.

Pack of
12 sheets

Buy 1 - 5 @ 6 - 11 @ 12+ @
$4.00 ea $3.20 ea $2.80 ea

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