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Personal Safety Equipment


Dust Masks & Respirators

Disposable Dust Masks
Protect yourself! Use these masks while sanding, grinding, dusting or sweeping. The masks filter out nontoxic particles, yet are easier to breathe through than a handkerchief. Made of lightweight filter material with a form-fitting nosepiece and double elastic headbands.

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$2.95 ea $2.40 ea

Please specify Large, Medium or Small when ordering.

MS7700 $53.75
North Half-Mask Respirator
The North 7700 series half-mask air-purifying respirator is NIOSH/MSHA certified. Order cartridges and filters separately from the mask (see items below). The North 7700 is made of silicone for a flexible and comfortable fit to the face, with a cradle harness for the back of the head. Respirator masks should be carefully fitted for best results.


MS7500 $15.95 per pair
Dust Particle Cartridges
The MS7500 is a HEPA filter for respiratory protection against dusts, fumes and mists. Life of cartridge is approximately 8 working hours.


MS7500-81 $44.95 per pair
Organic Vapor Cartridges
HEPA filter plus additional protection against gases and vapors (like raku smoke) by using sorbents to purify air inhaled through the mask.


Firing Gloves

Does your firing regimen call for reaching into hot kilns? These gloves help protect your hands and arms from the searing heat. Temperature ratings are listed with the gloves.
Sold in pairs.

KA105A or KA105B $20.95
Leather Welders' Gloves
Minimum protection, for handling items at 300F or less. Specify Large KA105A or Small KA105B when ordering.

KA105 $75.95
Kevlar 14" Firing Gloves
(protection up to 750F)
KA106 $86.95
Kevlar 18" Firing Gloves
(protection up to 750F)
KA107 $108.95
Kevlar 23" Firing Gloves
(protection up to 750F)

Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Protect yourself! Use these gloves while cleaning, working with raw materials or wet glazes. There are 100 per box and only come in the large size.

GNL $24.00 Qty:

Kiln Glasses & Shields

Polycarbonate green kiln glasses

K140 $13.95
Integra Safety Glasses
The dark green lenses provide protection against harmful spectral emissions found in metal and welding applications. Their special absorptive quality protects against excessive ultraviolet radiation, as well as infrared (IR) radiation. Scratch resistant provides 99% UVA/B/C protection.


OTS Safety Glasses

Sized to fit over many prescription eyeglasses for your convenience.

K141 $15.95
OTS Safety Glasses
Lightweight and adjustable for length & pitch. Single lens encapsulates the eye for superior protection. Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C protection. Fits over most prescription frames up to 5-3/8" w x 1-3/4" h (137mm x 44mm). The green lenses have a special absorptive quality which protect against excessive ultraviolet radiation, as well as infrared (IR) radiation.

Aluminized safety knee-length apron and hood with gold face shield
KA109 $99.95
Aluminumized Knee-Length Apron

KA110A $299.95 ~ Special order only ~
Aluminumized Hood with Gold Face Shield


Echo Cla-Pron
Top quality lightweight cotton, 48" long w/side pocket & neckstrap that comes in 4 colors: Silver Gray, Purple, Denim Blue, and Olive Green.

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Black Stallion Split-leg Apron
42" Flame resistant 9oz cotton with adjustable neck & leg straps

ASL $21.00 Qty:

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