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Serving 3-D & clay artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1965

Welcome to
Georgies Ceramic & Clay Co.

On Sale this week only!
For the week of September 26th - October 1st...

Our GLW49 Peking Blue glaze is 50% off MSRP
and Coyote glazes are 20% off MSRP

Peking Blue and Coyote glazes

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The Potter's Council is coming to Georgies!

This year the theme is "Having Fun with Functional" with 
 guest artists Jan McKeachie Johnston & Randy Johnston, Martina Lantin, 
 and Sara Pike. Take a look at our Facebook page for links to their 
 websites. All registration is handled through the Potter's Council. The fun 
 starts at our Portland location on October 21-23 for two days of new 
techniques including a mug exchange on Sunday!
Register on or before April 8th, 2016 for the best prices.


Here are some items that you might enjoy...

GF Wood Hump Molds: These wood molds are convenient, light, durable and well made. There are Ovals, Squares, Rectangles and Circles and you can find a variety of sizes within each shape. These would be perfect for slab work!

Now Available!

GF Wood Hump Molds

Low Fire Glazes

Low-Fire Glazes & Special Projects
Learn how to push the low-fire glazes to create fabulous depth and texture on your work! The book highlights projects using majolica, slips, engobes, sgraffito, and other techniques to show you what low-fire glazes can achieve. You will refer back to this book often for ideas and an intriguing range of glaze recipes.

Potters' Skin Butter: Potters' Skin Butter is a handcrafted natural vegan lotion for hardworking hands. It soaks in quickly and provides long-lasting non-greasy moisture for even the driest skin. The key ingredients are shea butter, aloe, macadamia nut oil and more. Scented only with pure peppermint, rosemary, and basil essential oils to uplift and relax mind, body, and spirit.

Now Available!

Potters' Skin Butter

Duncan cone 5 True Matte Pastels

Duncan cone 5 True Matte Pastels!
Soft porcelain finish at a mid-range temp! These glazes will have different effects on different clay bodies, so try them out on your favorite mid-range clay for a modern new look.

XIEM has new tools!
Check out their new Tool Caddy which comes in green and orange. They are also introducing Sanding Sticks that come in Fine, Medium, and Coarse grades.
Xiem Tool Caddy

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