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We are sorry, but we have run out of our 2013 catalogs. We're working this winter
on the next one, so please check with us more toward Spring 2015.


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New at Georgies for the New Year!

Upcoming in Georgies Portland Gallery: Tamae Frame

Show Dates January 23 - March 10
Opening Reception on Saturday, January 24, 2p - 4p
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Born in Japan, Tamae Frame is a sculptor who works with ceramics and her art represents her inner experiences. Much like how the dream world works, her creative process begins when she starts paying attention to the faint notions that dangle from within her consciousness; then, she composes those ideas into a sculptural form. She can express a variety of styles in order to convey her ever-changing inner world. Tamae takes advantage of the three-dimensional art form to impart her message; most of her work will need to be viewed from different angles in order to get their full meaning.

Small image of Tamae Frame sculpture

She [also] creates mystical figures whose bodies are connected with other organisms; they are one of the expressions of the many dimensions of her psyche.

Small image of Tamae Frame sculpture
Tamae Frame uses Georgies clays, glazes, and Interactive Pigments in her work.

Employee work in Georgies Gallery.

Showing through January 19th in Portland
Georgies Employees Annual Show & Sale
Many of us are artists too: come see what we do!

New From Georgies for Fall '14
Medium image of PG647 Burnt Orange. Medium image of CC554 Mazama Red. Medium image of PG648 Maroon.
PG647 • Burnt Orange CC554 • Mazama Red ^6 Clay PG648 • Maroon

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And More New Glazes Coming Soon:
PG649 Grey and PG650 Brown!

Local Potter Makes Forbes
Andrew Beckham Crafts Terra Cotta Amphorae

Each amphora takes two weeks to construct and three months to dry.

Photo credit: Cathy Huyghe

Andrew splits his attentions between growing grapes and making wine at his Beckham Estate Vineyard, making 75-gallon amphorae, and teaching ceramics full-time at Beaverton High. He builds his amphorae in six-inch sections, using coil-and-throw techniques, with Georgies' Vortex Red Sculptural clay.

To read the full article in Forbes, click:
Coming Soon to a Wine Near You

To follow Andrew's further adventures in wine and clay, click:
Beckham Estate Vineyard on Facebook

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